Day 18, and pulling the pin

November 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

Yesterday was Day 17 of Poppy’s brooding, so we did the final candling of the fifteen eggs she’s sitting on. They all seem to be progressing well, with very little space in the egg that isn’t either chick or airsack. Once again I saw beating hearts in the paler eggs – it’s really hard to describe what it looks like, but YouTube has a number of videos that show the sort of thing I’m talking about, and this link will take you to one of a similar age.

There were three eggs that seemed a little less developed than the others; RIR3, BV3 and BK4. More space visible around the embryo than the others, although that could be down to the angle that I was holding them on as I was candling. It will be interesting to see if they hatch out at the same time as the others, or if they lag a bit. Ella is still sitting tight, so will be used as an incubator if necessary.

And our other bit of news is that today Frida has gone back in to the vets to have the pin taken out of her leg. At least, that’s the theory. She’s been stumping around fairly happily, so hopefully the bones have thickened up enough. She’s certainly got a good appetite at the moment, and seems to have worked out that laying eggs while healing broken bones is not a good idea. It’s now eight weeks since the pin went in, so that should be plenty of time. Fingers crossed!


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