Laying summary – September and October 2010

November 3, 2010 § Leave a comment

Well the last two months have been pretty full of drama, if not necessarily of eggs. Let’s start with September:

As you can see, the earthquake appeared to shake a few eggs out of our girls, rather than putting them off. Both Bessie and Venus actually resumed laying on the day of the earthquake (september 4th), with 58 g and 56 g eggs respectively. We also had earthquake eggs from Frida (59 g) and Poppy (64 g). Ella started at the very end of the month, with a 79 g egg on the 29th.

But best of all – no eggless days!

Top layer for September 2010 was Poppy, with 22 eggs averaging 64.27 g. Yay Poppy!

October was a good month – 106 eggs! Which is pretty much as you’d expect, given that spring should be the most productive time of year. And yes, again we had a month with no eggless days. Lets see the chart:

As you can see, Ella really got back into the swing of laying, taking out the Golden Cloaca award with 21 eggs, averaging 73.62 g. Unfortunately she’s now looking like she wants to join Poppy and be a fluff monster, so we may be in and out of Ella eggs in the space of a month. Sigh!

Another thing to notice is that Claire is still laying. Woohoo! Could it be that the move has convinced her to be a girl?!

The other feature of the chart of course was losing Venus. In retrospect, her suddenly going off the lay may have been indicative of the problem. Except that ‘erratic’ pretty much defined how her laying went, right from her pullet season. And the month before had been prolific laying! (Again, not an unusual pattern for Venus.)

But it’s been a good season so far – the girls have managed to clock up 200 eggs in two months.
Why do I get the feeling that it’ll be downhill from here?!


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