Getting the flock out of the city

September 27, 2010 § Leave a comment

Frida seems to be healing, as far as we can tell. She’s much more willing to put weight on her bad leg than she was the first time around. And although the surgery had to be much more invasive to stabilise this break, it’s also allowed Pauline to align the bones more exactly. So as long as she does keep healing, and as long as we can avoid infection, she should actually have better healing this time around. She’s staying in the cat cage for two weeks, and then she’ll be moved in to the dog crate. It’s a very useful piece of kit – the divider means we can limit her to just half of it for the early part of her recuperation, when we want her to be able to move around a bit, but not too much. Later on she’ll be given the full range, and then eventually will spend part of the day outside in either the broody or the bach run. All going well! But so far, so good. Although she’s getting extremely cunning about trying to avoid her medication …

Anyhow, this will be the last post for a little while – after much drama – and despite the earthquake – we have finally managed to buy our own one acre slice of paradise. Yep, we’re getting the flock out of the city! So it’ll be a wee while until we’re settled in well enough to start posting again. (And we promise to try to be more regular this time!) We might take the opportunity to freshen the site up a little too. Something to leave you with – we’ve decided that the appropriate way to celebrate the new place is to hatch some more bubs. So who will be our broody mama? And how soon will it happen? (This is already one of the longest spells of collective non-broodiness we’ve ever had, so they’ll probably all go at once!) Will it be Bessie? Poppy? One of the Dorking girls? Heck, will Claire decide to prove her femininity once and for all by going broody for the first time and then successfully raising a clutch?

Only time will tell …

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