Laying summary – June

September 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

Here be the Laying Summary for June 2010:


No, there’s nothing wrong with your monitor. For the entirety of the month of June, we were eggless. No eggs. Zip, zero, nil, nada, not a one. Not even a brief glimmer of one – the girls studiously avoided anything resembling laying duty, and got on with the important business of re-feathering.

Actually that’s not quite true – Bessie was the only one who was definitely moulting throughout the month. Everyone else appeared to have re-fethered – no more porcupine quills, no disturbing bald patches. Poppy, Venus and Claire had gotten their moults over fairly early, so had the least excuse of anyone. This was Neroli’s first moult, so we had no idea what sort of timeframe she would require.

To fill in the long eggless days, we went back over the laying stats for the last two years and used that info along with our observations on when each girl began her moult this year to try to come up with an estimate for when each of the girls would come back into lay. The predictions were as follows:

Frida – early July
Poppy – early July
Lily – mid July
Bessie – late July
Venus – late July
Neroli – late July
Ella – early August
Claire – god knows (– is she even a hen anymore‽)

How close did we come? You’ll have to wait for the next installments to find out …

Bessie avoiding questions about her return to laying …


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