Laying summary – July

September 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

It took until the middle of the month, but we finally had eggs again!

Yep, on July 14th, Frida popped out the first egg of the new season. She and Lily had been doing huge dippies for about a week, and spent the day before going in and out of the house. The day of The Egg was marked by considerable bitching from both Frida and Lily, but Frida it was who got there first. 59 g. A bit more tinted than usual, but a nice shapely little egg.

Lily laid her first egg of the new season a couple of days after – also 59 g, also quite a bit darker than usual (Lily’s usual eggshell colour is brilliant white!), laid on the 17th.

Both girls kept up a perfectly respectable pattern of laying two eggs every three days, or three every five. (Not bad for three-year-old hens from a breed not known for its laying abilities!) Lily racked up 9 eggs by month’s end, but Frida took out the Golden Cloaca for July 2010 with an impressive 13 eggs in 18 days!

And for those of you who have kept the predictions from last month’s summary in mind, we were right for Lily, a tad optimistic for Frida, and completely let down by Poppy. Sigh!


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