Laying summary – August 2010

September 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

Things in the laying department continued to improve through August:

Poppy joined in on the 5th with a nice 62 g egg, and Neroli (her daughter) the day after with a 57 g. As you can see, all four laid quite steadily though the month, with a total of 17 eggs for Lily, 19 eggs for Frida, 18 eggs for Poppy and 16 for Neroli. Layer of the Month once again goes to Frida.

We still had three eggless days – August 1st, August 12th and August 15th. But that’s considerably better than our eggless days count for May (19), June (30!), and July (15).

As for our predictions of when girls would return to the lay … Neroli was early August rather than late July, so we were pretty close there. Poppy started a month later than we expected, so not quite so good an estimation there. And we thought we’d have eggs by now from Bessie, Ella, and Venus, but nothing yet.

What will September have in store for us?


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