Frida, and new catastrophe

September 20, 2010 § Leave a comment


Friday was supposed to be a celebration day – one of the reasons that our posts have been so irregular lately (well, apart from the earthquake) is because we were/are in the process of buying a house. A lovely house on the outskirts of Southbridge, with a one acre garden, just perfect for the girls. And everything was set to go.

It was time to give the girls their evening frolic on the lawn, and Frida was sitting up against the concrete block base that the chook house(s) and run sit on. It looked a bit odd, but the day had turned nice and warm late on, and I assumed she was enjoying the warmth from the blocks while threatening Poppy (who was on the other side of the run fence) with mayhem.

Except she didn’t move when everybody else galloped out, just turned her head to look at me.

I knew as soon as I got near her, that this was a broken leg. Deja vu, all over again. She had her wing out, draped over her body and leg, partially supporting her weight. She didn’t wince, didn’t make a sound. Just looked at me. 

We got her to the vets as fast as possible. We’d been planing to bring her back in to see Pauline, to see how well she’d done in the year since she broke her leg. This wasn’t what we’d had in mind. Preliminary X-rays showed a really nasty spiral fracture, this time of her left leg, but again right up high. And this time her bones didn’t look so good. So despite the fact that she’s laying well, and her eggs have good solid shells on them, it looks like she’s developing (or has developed) osteoporosis.

They operated on her this morning. Pauline has pinned the break, but there was a lot more damage this time. Touch and go as to whether they’ve been able to stabilise things enough. She’s coming home tomorrow, so we’ll just take things one day at a time. Infection will be the first worry – this surgery was more invasive.

But she’s Frida – skips along faster than the others run, and lives her life at 130%. Bright eyed, curious, fiercely intelligent, and completely fearless. How could anyone not fight for her? How could we not give her every chance? Physio, time, calcium supplements, and crossing everything we have.


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