Laying summary – February

March 7, 2010 § 1 Comment

There are times when we are so fully occupied that the monthly laying summary is just about all we can manage on Chookenz… it’s like that now!

Anyway, here’s how the laying went in February 2010. Given that it’s the Academy Awards tomorrow, here’s the Chookenz egg-laying version:

The nominees for Golden Cloaca February 2010 are:

Frida, for her performance in
Frida – the 13th;

Lily, for her supporting role in
15 eggs for Mistress Lil;

Neroli, for her stirring portrayal of a dedicated layer in
17 Again;

PoppyPoppy, who wins the award for
18 eggs from Miss Yellow Legs!

That’s her third consecutive Golden Cloaca award. Hooray! (thankfully we don’t have acceptance speeches at this awards ceremony).

As for the others, Bessie keeps plodding on and managed 10 eggs, and Ella had one. We thought she might moult but now looks like she might come back into lay – fingers crossed. One who is most definitely moulting is Venus (no eggs, and looking ever whiter), while Claire has been crowing on and off and certainly not laying.

We also had two eggless days this month, so things are certainly winding down. Time to start planning when we might worm them – we’ll try to synchronise that with a time when they aren’t laying  much (so there aren’t a whole lot of eggs we can’t eat). Maybe April will be about right …

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§ One Response to Laying summary – February

  • Esme says:

    I did 20! Maybe you heard my acceptance speech, the small human said it was loud enough.

    Gytha’s feathers are starting to come off. Mine are still pretty!

    The humans gave us funny tasting mushy stuff. I wanted to eat Gytha’s, but they wouldn’t let me.

    love and clucks, Esme.

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