Oh no! An eggless day!

February 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

It had to happen: the day before yesterday was a no-egg day. The first since the 10th of August last year.

Partly it was a timing thing, i.e. the girls got into synch a bit too well, so we had 4 eggs the day before and 5 the day after. But we are also now seeing the drop in laying that comes in summer-autumn. This is when they (well, the early ones) start to moult, and generally run out of puff in the egg department. So far Frida and Ella are showing definite signs of moulting, while a few of the others are looking a wee bit scruffy.

Poppy moulting in March last year


We’ve still got steady (but slowing) laying from the likes of Poppy, Neroli and Bessie, but Venus, Ella and Claire are all off the lay, with Lily and Frida intermittent. It would be good for them to get their moulting done early – then they can be feathered up and laying again before winter. We’ll see.


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