Laying summary — January

February 2, 2010 § 2 Comments

Time for the first laying summary of 2010. Looking back to last year, it’s interesting that some things are the same, but others are very different! Most notable is that in January 2009 Claire was the best layer – this time she’s the worst, with only 4 eggs squeezed out. Back then Poppy was in yet another broody phase – this time she’s recipient of the Golden Cloaca award with 23 eggs (for the second month in a row). Neroli came in second with 21.

Things that stay the same are that Frida has had a bout of broodiness and hints of moulting (just as she did 12 months ago); Venus is flakey; Ella is on-and-off; and Bessie and Lily are steady. Here’s the chart:

So a total of 121 eggs for the month – still going well, and much better than the 83 we got in January 2009 (admittedly we have one more hen, but even taking that into account it’s an improvement). Next month will probably see a drop in production, with the onset of moulting likely.


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