Laying summary – December, and Layer of the Year 2009

January 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

A touch of broodiness in the ChookeNZ flock meant a bit of a drop-off in egg production for December. Frida, Ella and Venus each had a bit of broody time during the month, opening the way for Poppy to claim the Golden Cloaca award. But she didn’t take it outright – her daughter Neroli sneaked up and managed the same number (23). We didn’t expect this as she’s been a steady but unspectacular layer so far, but she is in her pullet year so is now settling well into laying.

As for the others – Venus laid well until going broody at month-end and got to 18 eggs, the same number as Lily who laid steadily through the month. Bessie laid 17, while broodiness limited Frida to 14 and Ella to 9. Claire went egg-less for the month (although she did crow on a few occasions!)

Here’s the graph.

And just in case you were wondering who laid the most eggs over the course of the calendar year, the data is below. Our ‘Layer of the Year’ may come as a surprise. 

Hen Number of eggs Average weight Total egg weight
Bessie 140 59.7 g 8361 g
Venus 103 68.8 g 7089 g
Ella 90 70.8 g 6371 g
Lily 166 62.4 g 10364 g
Frida 156 60.5 g 9440 g
Poppy 153 63.3 g 9690 g
Claire 79 62.0 g 4900 g
Neroli 110 56.3 g 6191 g

So congratulations to Lily! Steady laying throughout the year – no dramas like broken legs or crop malfunctions, and very little broodiness. Also it’s interesting to contemplate that she laid eggs with a combined weight that was nearly four times her own body weight. This is why we always say thank you when collecting the eggs. (And because we’re soft.)

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