Laying summary – November

December 3, 2009 § Leave a comment

Another month of good egg output – of course it would be, given that we wormed the girls this month, ahead of moving them back into the LSA. The withholding period for the worming meds means that eggs are not fit for human consumption for a couple of weeks, so they have been piling up in the fridge. We figure it’s OK to cook them up and feed them back to the girls, so they’ve been doing alright out of it!

Until the 20th of the month Venus laid every day, so was looking odds on for the Golden Cloaca award. But she missed a couple of days and it looked like flaky-Venus was back. Frida was poised to overtake her, but Venus hung in there and made it to 25 eggs for the month – a winning total. Frida was second on 22, then Ella and Neroli on 19. Lily & Bessie squeezed them out as steadily as ever and ended up with 18 and 17 respectively.

At the other send of the scale, Poppy managed 13, which is actually amazingly good, considering her traumatic month. She came back in to lay after her travails on the 20th and laid 9 eggs in the last 11 days of the month. Claire continued her low output and ended up with just 10. A total of 143 eggs for the month, down just 4 on last month.

In December we can expect a drop in production – partly due to Murphy’s Law (because the eggs will be edible again in a few days) and partly because we expect a few more to go broody as the weather warms up, as well as them just losing steam a bit after laying steadily through spring.

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