A 112.5% day!

November 26, 2009 § Leave a comment

Today we had nine eggs laid. In theory, this shouldn’t be possible with only eight hens. But every now and then Venus manages to lay two eggs in one day – usually the second one is without shell.

But … today the extra egg was from Madam Bessie.

We’d expected Bessie to lay yesterday, but she wasn’t in the mood. And this morning there was a broken egg on the floor of the house, underneath where Bessie had slept. Quite sure it was Bessie – the colour of the shell was definitely hers. And I’m pretty certain that it was laid this morning rather than last night, as the egg yolk and white was still warm. Too scrambled and soaked into sawdust to be weighable though. She laid her second egg in the late afternoon. Also broken (thin shell), but weighable.

So in order, our laying today was:

  • Bessie (unweighable)
  • Ella (70g)
  • Frida (61g)
  • Venus (66g)
  • Lily (61g)
  • Poppy (64g)
  • Neroli (57g)
  • Claire (61g)
  • Bessie (broken, 58g)

We’ll probably get no eggs tomorrow!


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