Poppy – the lump, the crop, the update

November 23, 2009 § Leave a comment

About time to provide an update on Poppy!

We took things nice and slow with getting Poppy’s digestion back into a more normal state. She’d given us a couple of worried nights – stuffing herself full of grass, pellets, etc, and coming inside to sleep with an absolutely HUGE crop. But her crop was going down completely overnight, so by the third morning of this sort we decided that worry was a waste of time. She did have a recurrence of her weird craning spasm-thing, but after a frantic phone consultation with Pauline we concluded that the most likely thing was that she was still healing, and that the constant prodding of her crop was probably not helping matters. And that as long as her crop was emptying properly, it was something we didn’t need to worry about.

Of course Poppy had to throw another scare at us – on Saturday (Nov 21st) she had a swelling on her face again. Same spot. So we made a frantic dash in to see Veronika.

There was no sign of infection at all. Her mouth was completely healthy looking. There were no nicks, cuts, scrapes, bruises or any physical signs whatsoever of an underlying problem. Veronika sent us home with a supply of antibiotics to have on hand over the weekend if things got worse, but after much puzzling and scratching of collective heads, we decided to leave it and see. If she was worse next day, we could start her on the antibiotics.

Next morning it was a case of “lump? What lump? I see no lump. There is no lump.”

Maybe Poppy just likes the attention?!

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