Poppy and the Crop of Doom

November 14, 2009 § Leave a comment

Well, not quite. But I’m sure you can understand why it’s begun to feel that way.

So, an update. On Thursday morning (two days ago), Pauline, Veronika, apple puree and the combined efforts of the vet nurse staff of Hornby Vet Clinic had finally managed to get things moving in Poppy’s crop. Finally, after four days (give or take), her crop was actually going down in size between feedings, and she was good enough to come home (albeit with an A4 page of instructions). No solids yet, but a small portion of sloppy mash (made up with live yoghurt and apple sauce) three times a day, and Tetravet antibiotic powder in her water for the next ten days.

Poppy discovers the fridge

Oh god, now she knows where the food comes from …

She’s been installed in the big cage we bought for Frida’s convalescence. (We had hoped to be able to reclaim the living room coffee table by now, but evidently it isn’t to be … oh well. A house isn’t a home without a chicken indoors.) She’s eating well, looks absolutely normal, and – how shall I put it delicately – throughput is occurring on a regular basis. The hardest part is fending her off when you go to open the cage – she’s bored, and considers herself at least as human as we are. And why else do we have armpits, if not for her to burrow into?

One weird side effect of her convalescent diet – she occasionally does apple-smelling burps …


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