Laying summary – October

November 8, 2009 § Leave a comment

It’s been another good month of laying, as you’d expect this time of year, although with some spring-broodiness starting to appear in the flock now. Venus was first to go, taking 11 days off in mid-month, but still managing 16 eggs in total. Ella and Poppy then went broody towards month-end, dropping them back to 15 and 18 eggs each respectively. But this has been easily the longest period of laying for Poppy without going broody.

Claire keeps popping them out every second day, pretty much like clockwork, and ended up with 14, while Bessie plodded on with 17. However the best performers were the three Dorking girls, with Lily on 20, Neroli on 22 and Frida taking Golden Cloaca Award this month with 25. (No sharing with Poppy and Venus like last month!) Here’s the graph:

Eggs Oct09

So 147 eggs for the month – actually one better than last month. This means we have had consistent surpluses of eggs of late, so have been selling and bartering a few dozen here and there. It’s the girls way of contributing to their feed bill!


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