A Clutch of Laying Milestones

October 18, 2009 § Leave a comment

What with one thing and another, a few quite important laying milestones have been reached without us having a chance to post about them individually.

eggart-blossomFirstly, Bessie clicked over 400 eggs (since we’ve owned her) on the 19th of September. She lays a bit less frequently now she’s getting older, but usually manages an egg every second day or so, and was our only chook to keep us supplied in early winter.

Then, on the 9th of October Frida hit the 300 egg mark. Pretty impressive considering what she’s been through over the last few months! Very good laying for a Dorking, but these are a good laying strain. On the same day Venus hit a milestone for the less metrically-minded: a double gross (288 eggs). And promptly went broody (although she’s come out of it now, but isn’t yet laying again).

The day after that, Poppy laid her 200th egg, and has now laid 88 without going broody. Remember that in the past she has only managed 30-odd before the broodiness kicks in. This is especially good going for her, considering that, like Frida, she has had more than her share of drama of late.

Good going those girls!


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