Poppy’s turn for drama

October 7, 2009 § Leave a comment

Poppy's lump 6.10.09Worrying times. Last week, we noticed a swelling on the left side of Poppy’s face. Looking in her mouth (not an easy task) we could see a wound of some sort on the inside – on a human it would be just back from the corner of the lips.

We got her in to the vet (Veronika) next day. With the assistance of a vet nurse, Veronika managed to get a good look in, and to pull some debris (pus/dead tissue and detritus from Poppy’s day scritiching in the garden) out of the cavity.

Best guess is that it’s a wound from her fight with Neroli, and that it took a week before it became infected (or infected enough to be noticable). Or maybe she spiked herself on a stick or similar – it happens. It happened to Delilah.

Anyway, she was put on antibiotics for a week, and then we were to bring her back for a progress check. And it looked good for a while – we spent the last few days saying “I’m sure it looks smaller. Doesn’t it look smaller to you?” to each other.

Unfortunately any improvement was only temporary, because today it looked as big as ever. So we went though the whole wound debridement thing again, and have a new batch of super-duper antibiotics to give her for another week. And the task of cleaning the wound out once a day ourselves.

So that’s where we are. Hoping like hell that we do a good enough job; hoping like hell that these antibiotics work; hoping like hell.

And trying not to think too often about Delilah.


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