Bliss is …

October 6, 2009 § Leave a comment

Bliss! Frida 6.10.09… having the first dust bath for ten weeks!

Yesterday we took Frida back in to the vets to have her stitches removed. She’s getting so used to being manhandled that she just lay there on her side with me holding her still (barely necessary) and Stewart holding her leg out while Pauline whipped the stitches out. She had a small toddle around on the floor to show Pauline how she was using the leg, then it was a brief pedicure and back home.

As soon as the dew dried off this morning, I gave her the dustbath. She would have mugged me to get into it. Honestly. There would have been blood spilled. Her first dustbathing session lasted over an hour, and she returned to it on at least three other occasions throughout the day. Aftermath of Bliss Frida 6.10.09

Bliss has a new name. (And so, possibly, does debauchery.)

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