Laying summary – September

October 3, 2009 § 3 Comments

September has been a month of egg-xcellent production, with every chook laying during the month – although some rather more than others. For the first time we have a three-way tie for the Golden Cloaca award, with Poppy, Frida and Venus level-pegging on 24 eggs for the month. Venus would have won it outright but for a three day break mid-month. She also laid on 15 consecutive days, from the 26th of August to the 9th of September.

Poppy and Frida were particularly impressive, the former keeping on laying despite the stoush with Neroli, and the latter laying despite going under anaesthetic again. Here’s the graph:


Neroli was next best with 20 eggs (same as the month before), then Lily with a steady 19. Claire and Ella were both laying throughout the month, but infrequently (12 each). Claire has the excuse of being less certain of her gender, but Ella is just a bit flaky. Bessie brings up the rear (11), having only re-started after moulting on the 11th. A total of 146 eggs for the month, which is probably as good as it gets – we’re bound to start getting some girls going broody sometime soon. (It’s worth noting – very quietly – that Poppy has now laid 77 eggs since moulting. She’s never laid more than 33 before going broody before now. Don’t tell!)


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§ 3 Responses to Laying summary – September

  • Jane says:

    Have just found ChookeNZ and am loving your detailed posts. I have 12 girls whose egg production has been similarly prolific these past weeks though broodiness is now setting in for some. Lots of useful info thanks!

    • chookenz says:

      Thanks Jane! Glad to know that we’re being helpful.
      Twelve girls … what breed(s)? Names?
      (We love chook-gossip.)

  • Jane says:

    Hmmm – breeds… blue/buff orpingtons (2), black orp, aracanas (2) gold-laced wynadotte (2), ex-battery shavers? (2), north holland blue and a couple of uncertain others! Names? Henrietta, Madeline, Eloise, Sidney, Norah, Flossie, Priscilla, Rhondda and 4 unnamed (from last hatching).

    I wondered about your sick hen(s). I encountered something a while back with 2 hens (shortly after I had purchased them). One went lame and became paralysed, the other developed this huge swelling on her eye (I have photos). The lame chooky died at home the other lass I had put down because she was so sick. The vet couldn’t identify the cause but eventually I found info that seemed to fit…and I wonder if you might be experiencing something similar. Check out…

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