A 100% strike rate!

September 23, 2009 § Leave a comment

A momentous day in the ChookeNZ coop today –

eight eggs from eight chooks!

8 in a ring lo

Clockwise from bottom left: Ella, Venus, Lily, Poppy, Frida, Claire, Bessie, Neroli

We’ve been hoping it might happen soon, but some of the girls have been laying a bit irregularly lately. Ella and Venus have been having phantom laying episodes, spending time in the nest box, then coming out a while later and cackling like thye’ve laid an egg, but with nothing to show for it. Claire has been laying on alternate days, Bessie, Lily and Neroli on two out of three days, and Poppy and Frida managing four or five before taking a day off. So it has taken a bit of luck for all eight to lay on the same day.

The two previous days have been relatively unproductive with only three eggs each, so it really was a bit of a surprise! And it  might not happen again anytime soon, as chances are Frida will come off the lay for a bit after her most recent visit to the vet.

And as a result of today’s oological plenitude … coming soon to the ChookeNZ Research Centre

a study of the characteristics of each of the girls’ eggs, thereby answering the question that has been on everyone’s lips: what’s the difference?


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