Remaining Bionic

September 22, 2009 § Leave a comment

Frida Xray front viewToday we took Frida back in to the vet, to have the final pin removed from her leg. Naturally she decided that today was the right day to start a new laying series, so she was threatening to lay her egg the whole morning. (She popped it out at the vet’s – they even sent it home with her!) Added to the fact that she wasn’t allowed any food until after her surgery … lets just say that she was Not A Happy Chicken, and made sure everyone around her was well aware of the fact.

But it seems that she has been healing rather too well. When Pauline had her under anaesthetic and opened her up, she discovered that there was a lot of new bone over the pin, and removing it would cause too much trauma. It’s not irritating the joint or interfering with her movement, so on balance there’s no reason to try to remove it.

So Frida remains bionic! Another week of antibiotics, and another week of cage rest. Then the stitches can come out, and we can start the long process of getting her ready to go back to the other girls.

A period of no drama would be very nice about now …


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