Laying summary – July

August 17, 2009 § Leave a comment

A couple of notable events last month, leading to a general improvement in egg productivity. Hooray!

The most significant event was that little Neroli, the only girl we kept from the 2008 chicks (the ‘Peebles’) started laying this month, on the 23rd. By month end she had popped out five more, and seems to have settled into laying well. We’re always a bit nervous when pullets start, as Beatrice, our Barnevelder pullet died of egg-yolk peritonitis after laying only eight eggs. At the time of writing Neroli is up to 15, and is the same precocious pullet as ever. She’s a cackler too, announcing to the world that she’s laid (and occasionally that she’d like to lay, but someone else – usually Lily – has beaten her to it), but only for a burst of a few minutes.

Here’s the graph, with a new column appearing for Neroli!

Egg weight - July

You’ll see a couple of other features there too – Lily having returned to the sisterhood of the cloaca with nine eggs since the 19th, plus two for Claire. (You can read about her current weird laying and other behaviour  elsewhere.) The stand-out, and winner of the Golden Cloaca for July, is … Poppy! (Frida was laying well too, but stopped (not surprisingly!) when she broke her leg.)

With the lengthening days we remain ever hopeful of our Australorps returning to the lay in August, and Bessie too, when she’s finished moulting. Assuming she doesn’t go broody …

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