Bessie opts for the shredded-knickers look

July 14, 2009 § Leave a comment

Having not done a serious moult since we got her, Bessie has just (in the coldest part of winter) decided that the shredded-knickers look is what she wants in feather couture for the 2009 winter season. (Translation: she’s moulting, and looks disgraceful.)

Bessie, looking like Bessie 230609

Bessie 23.06.09

Oh well, Poppy and Frida are laying fairly reliably now, and Claire seems to have started again. So we can manage without Bessie’s eggs for a while (last one laid on June 30th). Actually I’m pretty sure the feathers on her back are still stained from when the Peeps were growing up, and that was nearly two years ago! So yes, a refurb of the plumage is long overdue.

The only downside is that she’s determined to sleep in the nestbox … understandable, I guess. Warm, dry, cozy, and away from the others. None of that undignified leaping up onto a perch at night, or getting knocked off in the morning when the other girls race for the doorway.

It’s just it would be a lot nicer for us humans if she didn’t insist on displaying all that pink skin – as soon as there’s any sunshine, Bessie is in full sprawl … not a sight for the nervous! (Don’t worry, we promise not to take – let alone post – any pictures of that!)


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