Laying summary – May

May 31, 2009 § Leave a comment

Oh dear – both eggs and posts have been few and far between in May. Sorry!

For pretty much the whole month it has only been Bessie keeping us supplied, one every couple of days or so. The daily egg for breakfast has been off the menu, and the purchase of eggs has been seriously contemplated. Bear in mind that we haven’t bought eggs for nearly two years now…

But we might be through the worst of this egg drought now – just in the last week Frida has re-started laying. She was the one most likely to be ready to, as she didn’t have a very intense moult, and it was pretty much over it more than a month ago. Although there was a brief period of broodiness to complicate matters. So here it is in graphical form:

Eggs May09

The week ending today yielded seven eggs; the previous three yielded just nine in total. Hopefully we’re on the up-swing!

Looking ahead to June, we should get Poppy back laying any time now, and little Neroli is starting to look more mature now and could be ready to lay her first egg soon. Claire and Lily will be a way off yet as they moulted later and it has been pretty hard on them. As for Ella & Venus – who knows.

In the April laying summary we said “Surely we’ll get a few more hens laying in May?!” and we actually got fewer. But for June we can feel a bit more confident! And we will definitely be posting more frequently too – watch this space for an updated Neroli page, and our analysis of the weight change of pullets undergoing their first moult – oh, the excitement!


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