Laying summary – March

April 3, 2009 § Leave a comment

I was optimistic about March in the February laying summary, but moulting has ended up taking its toll on the laying performance. Only Lily has laid consistently through the month, and Bessie is the only other hen still laying at month-end. We did however get a total of 27 tiny pullet eggs from Sylvie and Princess before they were sold, which boosts the numbers somewhat. But we’ll confine ourselves to considerations of the currently resident chooks!

So, as I said, Lily was number one with 20 eggs, then Bessie on 14. Everybody else was in single figures as they went off the lay during the month, except Poppy and Venus who laid none. Here’s the chart:



This is the good time of year for them to moult – they should get it over with before it gets really cold, and then hopefully be back laying again (even if only occasionally) during winter. Poppy is looking better than she was, but now Venus and Claire look terrible. Poor Claire looks particularly sorry for herself.

So with luck we”ll get some hens back on the lay in April. Plus we might get little Neroli laying too.


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