Going, going …

March 22, 2009 § Leave a comment


Yes, the three bubs sold last night. There was quite a bit of interest too – 28 bids, more than 600 viewings, and the auction itself put on 40+ watchlists. Wonderful to see so much interest in a rare breed.

peeble-adAt one point it looked like the girls would be heading north to Taupo to be part of a breeding programme up there. But by the end of the bidding war they’d sold to local man John, who had the good taste to consider them “the best looking chickens on TradeMe”. (We concur!)

Now we just have to finish moving the Bach back into the orchard and start the process of integrating Neroli into the main flock. The fact that everyone is moulting may – hopefully – tone down the bitchiness.

It’s sad to say goodbye to the three girls. They really are a gorgeous trio of hens, and such sweeties. But at least they’re close enough so that we could (in theory) visit every now and then. And they should do a very good job of starting John off on the road that we are so happy to be on – chickens in  the backyard, and all right with the world.


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