Laying summary – February

March 15, 2009 § Leave a comment

Yes, I know, it’s half way through March, and I realise all you stats nuts out there will be absolutely hanging out for the monthly highlight that is… the laying summary!

February actually wan’t too bad a month for eggs, although we did get perilously close to having another egg-less day – we had four days with only one egg. The optimism about Venus at the end of the last summary was misplaced – she laid one more weighable egg (on the 1st), then three that were broken in the nest (and couldn’t be weighed). That put her last in the laying race.

Top layer for the month was Poppy – she laid 18 in a row (i.e. no days off), then went broody again! Only Claire laid steadily though the month, and she was a bit sporadic too, ending up with 15 eggs, level with Frida (who missed the first week of the month) and just behind Lily (who laid in burst of two or three, with two or three day gaps between). Ella laid well at the start of the month then went broody, while Bessie was similar, except went broody a bit earlier!

Here’s the chart:


As of now, March is looking OK, mainly because the pullets have started laying, but Bessie and Ella are back into it as well now. The only problem is we wormed the big girls on the 1st (with second dose today), so all their eggs are off limits! We have a stash from last month that will have to last, plus the teeny-weeny eggs from the pullets.


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