Manic Monday in the chookhouse

March 9, 2009 § Leave a comment

We have another broody hen. Frida. Again. And she’s very determined. Oh well, two days is better than nothing at all.

We’ve had our first egg from Sylvie. Found it mid morning in the doorway – 32g. Quite mucky, and may in theory have been there a couple of days, so we’ll cook it and put it through the wormfarm rather than eating it.

Princess has worked out using the nestbox really quickly. We had a 44g egg from her on Sunday, and a third egg this evening (36g). What a good chook!


And now to the drama. When I went to let the big girls out this morning, this is what I found:


In case the picture isn’t clear, it’s a huge pile of red feathers. Poppy’s moulting. We’d hoped that she wouldn’t need to, having gone through that terribly traumatic moult back in June. But no, she’s definitely moulting. Looks like mainly petticoat fluff and feathers from her back. The timing certainly isn’t ideal – there’s a very nasty southerly due for the next few days, which they reckon may even bring snow down to 300 metres in the south. Argh.

Anyway, we’ll give her some supplemental protein feeds, try and get the feathers coming through as fast as possible. And keep an eye on her – make sure the others don’t have a go at her again. Smurf her if necessary. (Oh joy!)

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