waiting for the first egg to drop

February 25, 2009 § Leave a comment

eggart-e28093-timer-1Well the four Peeble Girls – Princess, Neroli, Rachel and Sylvie – look like they’re about to start laying any day now. (They’ll be 18 weeks old this Friday – the same age that Lily, Frida, Cindy and Cholet were when they started laying.)

Princess particularly has got some real comb and wattle development, and both she and Sylvie now drop into dippy-birds if you loom suddenly, or stretch a hand over them. And then there’s the bitching …


Princess at 18 weeks

Princess at 18 weeks

We’ve got the old beer crate nestbox in there, with one of the plastic nesteggs tucked inside. (We’ve still not quite got around to the work we want to do on the old Summer Palace nestbox – double walls, to provide better insulation.) All four go in and play with it from time to time, so we make a point of checking in the house a couple of times a day.


We’re having a bit of a running bet on who will lay first. Stewrt reckons it’ll be Princess, then Sylvie, then Rachel and Neroli last. I don’t quite agree – last year Lily was much more developed in comb and wattle than the others, but it was actually Frida who laid the first egg. And all four laid their first eggs within 24 hours of each other. So comb development isn’t everything. I reckon it’ll be Sylvie first, then Princess. Rachel not long after Princess, and Neroli last.

It’s so exciting! And sad – our babies have grown up so fast! I’m sure it was only a few weeks ago that they hatched …


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