Broodiness: definitely contagious.

February 21, 2009 § Leave a comment

bessie-disapprovingWell we managed to get about a week with no-one broody, after Poppy finally gave up at the end of January. Frida threatened (wanting to stay on the nest after laying), but was quite easy to dissuade. Then Bessie went (last egg 9/2/09, and she was definitely in fluff-monster mode then). Can’t blame her – it’s been very hot, and she hadn’t really been broody since she raised the Peeps!

miss-poppy-156We’d been slightly concerned that Poppy seemed to be laying every day – her three previous spells have seen her lay 33 eggs, 33 eggs and then 34 eggs respectively before each of her three previous broody spells. 34 eggs usually takes her about 6 weeks to lay, but this time she seemed to be cranking up the frequency. “Oh well,” we told each other, “at least we’ll have another fortnight before she goes.”

You can guess what I’m going to say next, can’t you?

On Tuesday (17/2/09), she stayed in the nest for a while after laying. I just turfed her out, and thought nothing more about it. She didn’t try to make any attempt to go back in (unlike Bessie). But next morning she didn’t come out with the other girls, and we found her sitting with Bessie on the floor at the back of the house. She still wasn’t in fluff-monster mode, but had to be repeatedly evicted from the nest. She did actually lay that day, but so late that we thought it was an eggless day, and only found the egg when we forcibly removed her and Bessie from the floor the next morning. She is now in Full Broody mode.


She was non-broody for three weeks!!!


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