Name that Organ!

February 12, 2009 § Leave a comment

what-have-i-got-in-my-handYes, for those of you who wondered (and well done – or possibly “shame on you! – those of you who got it right), those were Claude’s testes.

Normally rooster testes are much smaller than that – all the references I can find refer to the usual rooster teste being “roughly fingernail-sized”. (Even with really big hands, I doubt you’d find a fingernail this big!)  Bruce’s, for example, were between pea and bean sized. (We would have photographed them beside Claude’s for contrast, but we couldn’t find them in the bucket of assorted smelly bits.) Apparently it is normal for the dominant rooster to be the most well endowed, but that doesn’t explain why Marcus (the least dominant of the three boys) was larger than Bruce …

Back to Claude’s testicles. The two together weighed 11g. Given that Claude himself weighed 2160g, that means they were 0.5% of his total mass. Gentlemen readers, you may like to do a quick calculation of your own proportions, to give you some idea of just how … ahem, “unusual” that is.


And to think we spent some time wondering if Claude might actually be a girl!


Claude, looking butch


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