Bopping the Boys

February 8, 2009 § 1 Comment


the Last-Chance-to-Crow session

the Last-Chance-to-Crow session

Yesterday we Did The Deed and killed the three cockerels. Everything went pretty smoothly, and the day itself wasn’t too hot (we’re in the middle of a bit of a heatwave at the moment, so picking a good day was important).

They were killed one at a time, without any fuss or stress (to them, anyway). They’d all ticked over the 2 kg mark on Thursday, so we were hopeful that they’d dress out well. Which they did :

  Bruce Claude Marcus
Live Weight 2.36 kg 2.16 kg 2.04 kg
Dressed Weight 1.55 kg 1.36 kg 1.27 kg
Dressing % 66% 63% 62%

which compares well with last year – Buster 60%, Basil 63%, Sky 66%. 

One thing that did surprise us was the fat – we’d been giving them a supplemental feed of mince or egg every afternoon for the last three weeks, in an effort to get them heavy enough to bop before the neighbours got fed up with the crowing. Despite looking quite sleek, all three had substantial fat deposits in their abdomen. None around the heart or liver, so it wasn’t a health issue for them. But quite substantial, none the less.

And then there was the other surprise. Can you guess what it is that I’ve got in my hand in this photo? (Hint: it was from Claude, and that’s his carcass in the background.)

I’m going to wait until there are a few attempts to answer before I break the suspense.

I look forward to your comments. ;-)


Claude, crowing

Claude, crowing





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