Laying summary – January

January 31, 2009 § Leave a comment

This time I’m determined to get this posted on time – in fact even before the month is out!

Previous posts have talked about how the egg production has really dropped away in recent weeks – and it certainly did there for a while, but has picked up now. However, the egg counts are definitely lower than last month.

Top of the heap for the first time is Claire, who slowed down a bit but never really stopped, and managed 18 eggs in the month. Ella was in second place on 17. Her eggs came in two blocks – 9 at the beginning of the month, then a week or so of being broody, then 8 at the end of the month.

Poppy spent most of the month being broody, hence her very low egg-count. (Currently in a post-broody, pre-laying holding-pattern.) Venus just started laying again (her laying behaviour needs a whole post – I won’t go into it here), Frida went broody and is now moulting, while Bessie and Lily flitted between broodiness and laying on and off. Here’s the chart:


Next month we might have very good laying – especially if Venus gets on stream properly, and if Ella goes on another laying streak. But then again, it’s about the time they might want to follow Frida’s lead and moult – so we’ll have to see.


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