Oh b*****s

January 17, 2009 § Leave a comment

Yesterday we were quite hopeful – we were both wide awake well before the alarm, tensely listening for the first hint of crowing (and it’s amazing how many noises can sound like they might be a cockerel trying his vocal chords!), but the boys stayed nice and quiet until I let them out at breakfast. There was a small amount of crowing mid morning – Claude, as suspected – but nothing too major.

And then this morning at seven a.m. we woke to the unmistakable sound of a rooster in full voice. 

I’d forgotten to drop the pophole on them last night, and they were all outside.

My own stupid, stupid bloody fault. And it’s going to cost the boys their lives. We tried to shut the up with food, which worked for about twenty minutes. But then Claude started up again. I grabbed him and shut him in the house (which didn’t go down well with anyone), and he kept crowing for a while. Then I suddenly realised that the crowing was too loud to be coming from the house – Bruce had started as well.

We’re both in pretty much utter despair. It’s such a waste! But we have no choice. We’ll have to give them a good day today, and then bop them first thing tomorrow morning.

Stupid, stupid stupid. And all my damn fault.


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