Countdown begins

January 14, 2009 § Leave a comment

Dammit. One of the boys has started making his first little foray into the wonderful world of crowing. Which means that we’ll have to butcher them now, since you’re not allowed to have roosters in town. Stewart heard the noise from the bathroom – still only a sightly strangled single note, but definitely the beginning of crowing.

It’s a bugger on many levels. They’re way early – only 12 weeks old on Friday. Last year we were able to go until 14 weeks, and Buster, Sky and Basil were all nicely over the 2 kg mark. Bruce (still the biggest) is only just over 1.5 kg, so we won’t be getting much of a feed from them. Plus today was supposed to be their second worming, but if we’re going to have to bop them on the head this weekend, we’ll have to just do the girls and hope the boys’ first dose has a/ done the job, and b/ cleared out of their system.

There was a bit more crowing this morning after they’d been let out, but it was pretty quiet. (And well after 8 am – by which time you can use power tools, for heaven’s sake!) Maybe we’ll be able to just stretch it out for a couple more weeks; get them to a decent size. If the council come around to tell us to get rid of them say that arrangements are being made, we’re really sorry and they’ll be gone by the end of the week.

OR … maybe we just bop the one who’s crowing? So far it’s only the one boy. And pile as much meat into the other two as possible, to try and get their weight up in time. (Last year it was only Sky who crowed. I don’t think Basil did, and I know Buster didn’t.)

It’s just such a damn shame. And a waste. But I don’t want to endanger the girls by pissing off our neighbours. (Ella and Venus drive me up the wall as it is.)

Fingers crossed this was a one-time blip …

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