Laying summary – December

January 10, 2009 § Leave a comment

Late again with the laying summary, but the silly season is never a good time for keeping on top of things! Anyway, here follows the December numbers.

Most notable was Ella coming back into lay and going on a record-breaking laying streak – by the end of December she had laid 17 eggs on successive days (and at the time of writing she has laid an amazing 26 on successive days). The previous ‘most eggs in a row’ was 15 (look here for the girls’ record laying feats).

Poppy also laid really well, and topped the egg count with 24. We thought Claire (who keeps consistently popping them out) might finally get to the top of the rankings, but she was one behind with 23. Lily and Frida dropped right down the list as they went broody-ish (17 and 19 eggs respectively). Bessie also plodded on slowly and laid 17, while Venus was still off the lay.

Here’s the chart of all that:


So what does the month ahead hold? Well, Poppy won’t be topping the rankings as she’s gone broody again (every 30-odd eggs, it seems!), Frida, Ella and Bessie seem to be moulting (although the breaking news is that Bessie has laid today), Lily is toying with being broody, and Claire has been a bit patchy of late. On the plus side, Venus is looking like she might just about be ready to lay again (checking out the nest box from time to time). So probably not a bumper month ahead. Eggless days may be looming …

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