Poppy rejoins the main flock

December 16, 2008 § Leave a comment

Yesterday we had quite a lot of rain, so the girls were locked in until noon. Again, everyone seemed to be getting on really well – the occasional peck, and Lily and Frida still growl a bit. But no attacks, no attempts to hurt or even to chase. Brilliant! So much better that I expected. Much better than I’d even hoped. She’s basically mixing with the others full time now!

So tonight was/is the next big test: see how they get on sharing the house. I left the runs open, so that Poppy could either put herself to bed in the Bach, or join the others upstairs. There was a bit of fretting, but she leapt up onto the platform of her own volition (remind me: why did we put the ramp in?!) and burrowed between Bessie and Claire to go into the house.

I had to do a bit of organising – they still don’t use the back half of the perch reliably, and Bessie is quite prepared to sleep on the floor if her preferred perching location isn’t available. So I shoved Ella and Venus onto the cross perch, shuffled Frida and Lily down towards them, coaxed Bessie and Claire onto the perch, and then let Poppy climb up between Claire and the big door.

Fingers crossed they don’t decide tomorrow morning to have a go at her, if they suddenly realise there’s a new(ish) bird in their midst. I’ll get up early and let them out into the full run, so that Poppy can escape if she needs to. Hopefully they’ll stay nice and drowsy until I let them out …


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