Reintegrating Poppy

December 12, 2008 § Leave a comment

Last night we finished constructing/installing the Bach against the southern end on the LSA run. We decided not to put Poppy in there until this morning – which we duly did.

Frida and Lily spent a couple of hours pacing and growling and fluffing themselves up (not constantly, but with a fair amount of gusto). I kept everyone locked in through most of the day, so that they couldn’t ignore each other. Then in the late afternoon I let Poppy out, and let Claire come out to join her.

There was a bit of pecking, but Poppy just ducked her head and accepted it, and the two of them spent about half an hour scritching together. I added Venus for a bit, on the basis that she has never really gotten involved in the fighting. NOT so good – she grabbed a beakful of feathers from Poppy’s head. Completely out of nowhere – no growling, no warning at all. So I bundled the big goofball back inside and gave the other two another fifteen minutes or so.

Tomorrow I’ll try to add Bessie to the mix. Just give them lots of short(ish) bursts together under fairly close supervision, with plenty of room for Poppy to escape if she needs to. We’ll get there. Slowly but surely.

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