Laying summary – November

December 8, 2008 § Leave a comment

We’ll try to make a habit of providing a summary of the past month’s laying performance – this one’s a week late so not a good start!

Anyway, through November we had Venus and Ella stop laying (the latter to become a broody fluff-monster), but Poppy made an unexpected return, so we averaged 2 dozen eggs per week.

Our heaviest layer for the month was Frida with 24 eggs, then Lily and Claire with 21 each. Bessie plodded on with 19 eggs, Ella managed 14 before she went broody, Poppy chimed in with 4 at month-end, while Venus laid on the 1st but not since! She doesn’t have the excuse of being broody either – don’t know what’s up with her (she seems perfectly normal in every other way – whatever normal is for her).

So here’s a chart of all that.


As I write this it looks like Ella is getting over being broody, but Frida is taking up the baton. And Lily is also showing signs! Hopefully Claire and Bessie will keep popping them out steadily and with Poppy back in the swing of it we should still have good productivity in December. Maybe Venus will also remember how to do it…

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