The Magnificent Seven at six weeks

December 7, 2008 § Leave a comment

Despite the cocci scare, they’re all still growing well:


It’s interesting how very different the all are from each other, particularly the four girls:

princess-at-six-weeks marcus-at-six-weeks sylvie-at-six-weeks bruce-at-six-weeks neroli-at-six-weeks claude-at-six-weeks rachel-at-six-weeks
R to L: Princess, Marcus, Sylvie, Bruce, Neroli, Claude, Rachel.

There was much less difference between the five Peeps last year. We were relying on the leg rings for confirmation right up to the point when we sold Alice and Cindy. (Even now, telling Lily from Frida isn’t easy!)


They still haven’t quite grown as much as the Peeps and the Sammies did last year. Maybe a week behind? Hard to know. Be interesting to see when (and if) they catch up.


well lads, it's like this ...



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