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Klimt – "Garden with Chickens"

Brilliant idea! I came across reference to it on the Sydney Morning Herald website. It’s a company called (surprise surprise) Rentachook. For $360 ($260 of which is a deposit) you will be supplied with two point-of-lay ISA Brown pullets, an ark-style coop, feeders, waterers, straw and organic chookfood. Essentially it’s the same deal we offered Nicola, except you pay for the privilege (not everyone has chook-mad inlaws who are prepared to do the deal for free.)

Obviously we all know that chooks are the ultimate in backyard accessories, but for someone who is yet to reach that level of enlightenment, this is the perfect way to test the waters. You try it out for six weeks, and if you decide it isn’t for you, you can return the birds and coop and get your $260 deposit back.

The irony is that it’s being run by a guy called Dave Ingham … and no, he’s no relation. He actually likes chooks. (Sorry, but there’s nothing about the Ingham family’s poultry gulag operation that I’m willing to say is ok.)

Isn’t it a great idea? About the only thing I would change would be the breed of chook – don’t go for an ISA. Get in there and support a rare breed!

Rentachook is an Australian company. A similar outfit exist in the UK: Omlet, makers of the wacky plastic Eglu. (Their new Eglu Cube is particularly nifty.) I think they also exist in the USA, France, Germany and the Netherlands.


Are there any Rentachook customers out there? Or Eglu users? Love to hear how they’ve worked for you. (Or not worked, if that’s the case.)


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