December 1, 2008 § Leave a comment

Yesterday morning we noticed that Bruce seemed to be a bit withdrawn. Nothing obviously wrong – no sign of diarrhoea, no discharge, no injuries or sore spots. Just … quiet. Standing on his own with his head tucked into his shoulders a bit. By the afternoon, Rachel was doing the same thing.

Times like this are very frustrating. I know that something’s wrong with them (or at least “not right”), but there are no symptoms to tell me what it might be. The most likely thing is coccidiosis, even without other symptoms. They’ve been in contact with faeces, and could easily have picked something up either from Poppy or wild birds that forage in the area the broody coop gets moved to. They always have a certain amount of it in their systems anyway. So it could have been the weather (alternating quite hot with cool to cold) or stress from the pecking order fights … anything. Just enough to weaken their immune systems enough for the cocci to take hold. And at this age, they can go from “a bit off-colour” to dead very very quickly.

Anyway, I’ve been in touch with Pauline, and she’s making up some antibiotics/ to give them. It won’t do them any harm, and if it is cocci it’ll knock it fast (and hopefully stop it spreading to the others).

I have no problem with using antibiotics when they’re called for. And they are here. 
The bugger is that we won’t be able to eat any of Poppy’s eggs for a month! Argh!


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