Poppy, the Super Broody?

November 28, 2008 § Leave a comment

I had Poppy and her bubs installed in the Summer Palace run yesterday (just the run part, butted up against the garage) while I had a meeting to attend. Afterwards, I went out to say hello and found …


62g, just sitting there, in the middle of the run.

We knew she’d started to put condition back on, and had wondered if she’d take long to get back into lay when the bubs were weaned. But this?!

Then I had a thought. And went over to the broody, and had a peer inside. And found this one:


60g, laid the day before (I only muck out the broody house/nest every couple of days). So that’s a break of 61 days between eggs. During which time she has hatched and raised a clutch of chicks. For the first time!

She is an amazingly good little mum. She has been getting gradually less attentive to the bubs – perfectly normal. And much less marked than Bessie. Although Bessie’s disengagement only really started a couple of days before she abandoned the Peeps.

Poppy’s chicks are still too young to be left (today is the end of their fifth week), but they are feathering up fast. It will be interesting to see when (and how) she decides that it’s time to stop being a mum. With Bessie it was the urge to lay an egg that forced the move. But that’s obviously not such a problem for Poppy.

I think we need to make the re-integration house asap …







footnote: I posted this feat of Poppy’s to the BYP forum. And, good as it is, it isn’t the best. Have a read for yourself.

So … why do we put so much effort into trying to stop hens being broody?


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