Ella, the fluff-monster

November 20, 2008 § 1 Comment

Ella’s definitely broody. She’s been making the little broody “bok-bok” noises, and fluffing herself up a bit for the last few days. And has been getting harder and harder to eject from the nestbox. She kept laying until the 19th (last egg the 18th), but has now switched into complete zombie mode.

I have to either lock her out of the LSA enclosure completely (so she and Venus are in the orchard, but can’t get access to the house and nestboxes) while everyone else gets their day’s laying done, OR I have to keep the pophole closed, and be ready to go out when someone is hopping from leg to leg to let them in, and then out again an hour later. In both cases Ella either prowls on the pophole side of the run or plonks herself down where she can see the pophole door, and stares resentfully at it, waiting for the moment when she can dart inside. She’s surprisingly fast, and very very determined.ella-the-fluff-monster-2

Nights are going to be a problem. We’re using a sheet of plywood held in place with a concrete block to bar entry to the nests at night. And a couple of lengths of wood on the floor too, so that she can’t hunker down there and get comfortable. At the moment she just grumps and then hackles down to glower at the world from the perch.

I really hope this doesn’t last long.


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