Poppy, Poppy, really quite dotty – how do your peebles grow?

November 12, 2008 § Leave a comment

I wanted to take some photos of each of the chicks to put in here, to show how fast they’re changing. Unfortunately they’re also fast moving, and get bored with sitting for photographs. So you’ve got some charts to look at instead.

They really are growing fast. The chart below shows their weights over the first week of their lives. On their first weighing (at 2 days old) they ranged from Rachel at 41g, up to Marcus at 48g. By the end of their first week, the range was 69g to 80g. (Note we didn’t weigh them until 48 hours after they hatched, so “week one” is five sets of numbers, not seven.)
As you can see, they’d all doubled in weight (from the first weighing) by day ten:

The reason that Rachel’s bar dips below the x-axis is that she actually went backwards by 3g on November 6th. We’re not worried about it – there is a fair margin or error involved, especially when you’re dealing with low numbers and an object that moves around. (And gets joined by it’s siblings and/or mother on the platform!) And her weight gain on both the day before and the day after was quite substantial.

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