The Magnificent Seven at 14 days

November 8, 2008 § Leave a comment

Our bubs have hit the two week mark, and all have acquired names. They’re growing like weeds, and change every day. They’re more defined by feathers now, and less by fluff. But we think they’re still gorgeous. 

marcus-311Purple leg-ring is the biggest (134 g at yesterday’s weighing), and has been given a suitably imperial name: Marcus.

bruce-311Next biggest (most of the time – 130 g yesterday) is blue leg-ring. Keeping the Roman theme going, he was named Brutus, which has already elided into Bruce.

Our third boy has already been introduced to you. Claude (Claudius), with the orange leg ring. He’s still the boldest of the chicks, and still has his twisted toe. (So the name is quite appropriate.) He was 123 g yesterday.

princess-311Pink leg-ring is the biggest of the girls. She’s not as darkly marked as Neroli, and seems to keep herself aloof a bit. She’s been named Princess, and weighed 120 g yesterday.

Neroli (green leg-ring) you’ve already met. She’s usually a gram or so behind Princess – 116 g yesterday.

sylvie-311Red leg-ring is our only four-toe. Technically a fault with Dorkings, so she’s certainly not going to be a breeding proposition. But she’s curious and friendly, so she should make a good pet for someone. We’ve named her Sylvie, after a line in a poem by Christopher Meredith (Dr Seuss writes The Thought Fox). She weighed 114 g yesterday.

rachel-311The littlest chick – 103 g yesterday – is a real sweetie. She’s quite quiet, but likes to come and sit on or near me. Like Poppy she has the yellow leg-ring, so we’ve given her one of the names we (ok, she) considered and rejected for Poppy: Rachel. Someone has to be the littlest. And it certainly didn’t slow Poppy down at all!

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