sexing Dorking chicks

November 3, 2008 § 1 Comment

Still too early to be absolutely certain, but I’m feeling pretty sure that we have three boys. The usual guide with Dorkings is the head stripe – males have a paler, more diffuse stripe (sometimes even just a spot) and females have darker, wider and more clearly defined markings. It isn’t infallible, but is supposed to be a good initial guide.

Liselle suggested something else too: that partridge varieties like Silver-grey Dorkings and Welsumers also showed sex markings in their eye stripes – again, females dark, males light or absent. Which matches what we found last year with the Sammies – Claire had strong eyeliner; Sky had little; Basil had none:

Certainly there is quite a range of eyeliner markings on Poppy’s chicks. And they are darkest on the chicks we think are girls. (Order from darkest to lightest: green, pink, red, yellow, orange, purple, blue.) This photo is quite a good example:


Neroli and the boys – 30.10.08

Neroli is the one scratching herself, and two of the three boys (I think it’s purple and blue) are sitting down behind her. You can see how much stronger, darker and more clearly defined Neroli’s markings are. 

Of course, if Murphy reads this blog, we can pretty much guarantee that Neroli will turn out to be a boy …


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  • Danielle says:

    I’ve just hatched out 8 little Dorking babies & I’d be so happy if you’re right :) I have 6 with quite prominant stripes & 2 without…fingers crossed

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