Claire makes the gross … and hurts herself

November 2, 2008 § Leave a comment

claire-910Today Claire laid her 144th egg – a classic 60g speckled teardrop. Well done Claire!

She’s become a really good, very reliable layer – other than two weeks off not long after she began laying, she has settled down into two days on, one day off. All around the high 50’s, low 60 grams. 

On the worrying front … we discovered her dripping with blood. She’s managed to slice her comb very badly – can’t see what on, but my guess is she’s stuck her head through the wire mesh to try and reach something, and then pulled backwards suddenly. It’s sliced a really deep gash where the back of her comb attaches to her head, so it now flops rather than standing proudly. Poor girl. But we had a good look, and the wound seemed quite clean. In theory we could take her to the vets tomorrow to have it stitched, but I don’t think it really needs it, and would stress her a great deal. We’ve cleaned her up (which she hated), applied some purple wound spray and will just keep an eye on it for now. First sign of any infection though, she’s going to be straight in to see Pauline.


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