Introducing Neroli … and Claude’s toe

October 30, 2008 § Leave a comment

Little Green leg ring now has a name – Neroli. It’s a slightly convoluted explanation (as they so often are). Many years ago I knew a girl called Nerada Green. She was older than me, but in the way of eight year olds, I thought she was amazing. The name has stuck in my head for a long time. Then I heard about an Indian princess who loved the fragrance of orange blossom, and who gave her name to the essential oil distilled from them – Neroli. With those dark dark eyes, it just seemed to fit our girl. So Neroli she is.

One other thing that happened today was the discovery that Claude has a crooked toe. And looking at photos, has done since he was a couple of days old. It doesn’t seem to cause him any problems, and there’s certainly no pain involved. It just curls off to the side. Weird. And not so great that we didn’t pick it up sooner.

There are a couple of suggestions for what causes such things, but they seem to come down to a vitamin deficiency; or the wrong humidity during incubation. Both of which are more likely to be issues with artificially incubated chicks. So I have no idea what has happened here!

We’re going to do a bit more research, and decide on the weekend whether we’re going to try and do anything about it. It may clear up on its own, or we can try splinting the toe with duct tape. (That will be fun.)



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